Video Consultation

The offer applies to all patients. Sick leave for patients not previously known in the practice is limited to 3 working days.

During a video consultation, the conversation is similar to that in practice – we are just in different places.

You do not need any special technology:

Your computer, tablet, iPad or smartphone, camera, microphone and speakers, and an internet connection will do. The technical connection runs through “”, a certified video service provider. Necessary safety requirements are thereby fulfilled. It is ensured that what you discuss with us also stays in the “consultation room”.

Please have your insurance card ready for the consultation.

For new patients, please also have an ID with registration address ready.

Book a video consultation

How it works:

1. You arrange an appointment online for the video consultation through the appointment service hotline 116117. Important: When entering the postal code, please enter the postal code of the practice: 20357. This will take you to the appointment selection for Dr. Katrin Flohr.

2. You will receive a web link and the dial-in code for your appointment via email. (Usually on the day of the consultation. If you have not received an email from “” on the day of the consultation, please also check your spam folder.)

3. Shortly before the video consultation, log in using the web link with your full name and accept the privacy policy.

4. After a short automatic technical test, you will be taken to the online waiting room. We will call you as soon as the office hours can begin.

5. During the video consultation, you can transfer and receive findings, laboratory data, documents, etc.

6. When the consultation is over, log out of the website.

Book a video consultation


From January 1st, 2024, prescriptions must only be issued as e-prescriptions.

You can redeem this electronic prescription using your insurance card at a pharmacy of your choice and receive the prescribed medication.

Before an electronic prescription can be issued, your insurance card must have been scanned in my practice.

A video consultation to check the insured person’s data is also possible.

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